The HootSuite Debate



Twitter Management Interface


I direct our agency’s social media group.  Our Twitter teams use Hootsuite to schedule tweets and shorten URLs (this is the shortener).

Why I Chose Hootsuite?

  1. Schedule tweets for future posting
    We can sit down at the beginning of the week and create all of the key tweets for the week.  That frees up the daily tweeters to focus on mentions and retweets.  It also ensures that we will hit high-traffic periods each day and post about a diverse collection of topics.
  2. Very simple, intuitive interface
    Everyone is busy.  We want to focus on the content of the tweets, not the logistics of how to get tweets posted.
  3. Manage multiple Twitter accounts from a single location
  4. Basic click rates, mentions, replies, and messages are reliable and straightforward
  5. The Hootlet widget allows you to tweet a page without navigating away from it–GREAT, if not unique

The Debate: Why I’m considering a Switch

  1. Many ‘social media’ experts (through blogs and personal discussions) have suggested that is more reliable and has better data.  Twitter named the default shortener in May and it’s the default for TweetDeck which many members of our agency already use personally.
  2. I’ve experienced some spamming with  One of our links has unexplicably started generating hundreds of click-throughs a day, all from Thailand.  I’m not sure what’s going on, but it’s a real pain that obviously throws off the analytics.  I’ve heard of similar problems with other shorteners too.  This may not be an Hootsuite issue.
  3. I’m not an SEO expert, so I am not the person to settle the debate, but there’s certainly significant question about and framing–basically, are the shortened links permanent so that the search engines give full credit for the links to the original (longer) URL?  Further, is Hootsuite using any practices that go against Google’s standards?  The fact that there is so much debate leaves me unsettled.
  4. There are now a number of resources that teams can use to schedule future tweets
Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

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